Left to right: Laura Spector, Caitlin Smith, Jack Neugebauer, Jeff Elkin, Leonardo Caban-Rodriguez, Sarah Casado, Hon. Michael Horowitz, Rebecca Andrechak, Eunice Ikene, Jimmie Luthuli, Kareem Elsaadi, Victoria Kelley, Evan Chiarelli and Nikola Mladenovic (missing: Daraja Carroll)

This blog is being developed in connection with a seminar being taught at American University Washington College of Law that will explore and analyze the work of the Inspectors General, Office of Government Ethics, Office of Special Counsel, Government Accountability Office, and the Office of Management and Budget, among other constituent elements of the “oversight and accountability community.” In connection with the course, students will participate in developing and implementing this new online publication. Students working on the blog will publish updates on newsworthy developments from the oversight and accountability community as well as more extensive analytical essays about their work. Practitioners and representatives of those agencies will contribute posts as well. Students will monitor new developments on relevant websites, draft and publish to the blog, and work on development of the blog platform itself. This publication is in the developmental stage, so the class will be deciding what kinds of developments should be considered newsworthy and how they should be reported.